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2018 Superior Award Winners

Jan 31, 2020, 14:57 PM by LKCS Team

Superior Credit Union is pleased to announce the 2018 Bruce Campbell and Dorothy Thompson Award winners.

Bruce Campbell Award Winner: Jayne Vaske

Jayne Vaske began her credit union career at Member 1 Credit Union 20 years ago as President/CEO. In 2006, Member 1 and Superior Credit Union combined operations. Jayne continued her successful career as the Financial Services Officer at the newly built Elida Road Office. Jayne's leadership and passion for helping members is legendary at Superior. As a direct result of her efforts, the Elida Road Office experienced remarkable growth. In 12 years, the branch grew to 6,000 members and over $95 million dollars in assets.

Jayne has always been a team player. When Jayne was asked about the different career paths that may interest her at Superior, Jayne replied, "I am perfectly happy where I am at, BUT also willing to do whatever I can do to help Superior." Superior certainly appreciates Jayne's willingness to accept new challenges. In February 2017, Jayne learned there was a credit union in Amelia, Ohio that needed immediate help: Classic Federal. Being a TEAM player, Jayne volunteered to provide management support to Classic. At first, Jayne thought it would be for only a few months. But once she was at the credit union, she realized how much help was necessary. She would ultimately be at Classic for 15 months. Like every other time in her career, Jayne accepted the challenge and did a remarkable job. Working with their board and staff, Jayne positioned Classic for future success under difficult circumstances. We appreciate her willingness to be a TEAM player. Jayne has made a lasting contribution to all of our credit union members.

Like Bruce Campbell, Jayne is a lifelong advocate for helping our members. Please join me in congratulating Jayne Vaske as the 2018 Bruce Campbell Award winner. Thank you Jayne for all you do to help our members.

Dorothy Thompson Award Winner: Jenny Market

Jenny Market began her career at Superior in August 2001 as a part-time teller. Throughout her career, she has accepted many different positions at the credit union. Jenny has always found new job opportunities at the credit union interesting. She enjoys learning how each department works and is willing to accept new responsibilities. Throughout her career at Superior, Jenny has held different positions including Teller, Assistant Head Teller, Head Teller, Financial Services Associate, Financial Services Representative, Financial Services Coordinator and Asset Recovery Specialist. She also volunteers to coordinate the Annual Christmas Party. No easy task for 250 people.

As Asset Recovery Specialist, Jenny mastered a difficult responsibility as our secondary market asset specialist. She performs at a very high level. She seeks to help members keep their homes when possible and allows them to exit with dignity if it becomes necessary. She understands the secondary market rules, which do not always follow common sense. At all times, she seeks to minimize the loss to the credit union. Jenny is a team player that has a positive attitude and accepts new responsibility. She is a great role model for each of us to follow.

During Jenny's first 90-Day evaluation in 2001, the evaluator described Jenny as "having great qualities, persistence, giving 110%, conscientious, dependable, and performs as part of the team". Eighteen years later, the qualities that described Jenny in 2001 are still true today. Interestingly, many would describe Dorothy Thompson the same way. Much like Dorothy, Jenny helps the credit union serve our members at a high level and is very deserving of the Dorothy Thompson Award.

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