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Each tax season, Superior offers FREE Tax Preparation and E-Filing to its members with low to moderate income. Superior’s tax prep sites open the first week of February and will remain open for 6-8 weeks depending on the needs of the taxpayers in our communities, as well as the availability of the preparers.

All tax preparation assistance is provided by IRS-certified Superior Credit Union employees and is done by appointment only; NO walk-ins. This program will be done in a drop-off and pick-up fashion. Every member that would like to have their taxes filed with Superior must complete the online prescreening process. 

To see if you qualify for this service, please answer the questions below. If you do qualify, Superior will call you to schedule an appointment within five business days. 

We will be offering tax preparation at our following branches: Airport Highway, Coldwater, Sylvania, Van Wert, and Western Hills.


  • Are you a member of Superior Credit Union? *
  • Are you planning to file a single return or a joint return? *
  • Was your total income(single or joint) $65,000.00 or less? *
  • So you made MORE than $65,000.00 last year (total if joint)? *
  • Did you have any Cancellation of Debt? *

    Examples: foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession, abandonment, or credit card debt forgiven by a lender.

  • Have you received, or will you be recieving, a 1099-C? *
  • Did you have any active-duty military income? *
  • Did you have any rental income? *
  • So someone paid you rent in 2023? *
  • Did you do any farming? *
  • Did you have any income or expenses from owning your own business? *
  • Were your expenses $5,000.00 or less? *
  • Did you sell any real estate or investments? *
  • Did you recieve a 1099-B or 1099-S? *
  • Did you receive any tips as income that were not reported on your W-2 Form? *
  • Did you make any energy improvements to your home? *
  • Do you want to take the Residential Energy Credits? *
  • Did you adopt a child? *
  • Do you want to claim a credit or exclude any income for the expenses of adoption? *
  • Did you work in any states besides Ohio? *

We're sorry, you are not currently eligible for our tax prep services.

This service is only available to members of Superior Credit Union.

Visit one of our branches to become a member or become a member through our website! After you become a member, you can revisit this form to see if you are eligible.

To find a free tax preparation site that may be able to assist you, please visit the IRS website.

Congratulations! You are eligible for our Tax Prep program.

Please add your contact information below.

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