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Plan Ahead: Surviving Severe Weather

Jan 31, 2020, 14:39 PM by LKCS Team

March 17-23 is Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week. The most common severe weather in our area comes from tornadoes – Ohio is currently ranked as the fourth worst state for tornado and wind insurance claims and just last year, Ohio experienced 18 alone.

With odds like these, our team at Superior Insurance Services put together some tips to help you stay prepared for any severe weather emergency that comes your way:

Know Your Risk & Prep Your Home

Tornado season in Ohio occurs from April to July, but they could come any time of year. Make sure your home is prepped for tornado season by strengthening your garage, securing your windows, removing trees and branches that might break soon and moving important documents to a secure location.

Set Up Weather Alerts

A multitude of services are set up to warn you of impending severe weather. In addition to your local tornado sirens, sign up for the National Weather Services' text and email alerts and get emergency information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s mobile app.

Know the Signs

Tornadoes typically occur in the late afternoon or evening just after or during a thunderstorm. Some common signs are a dark sky, clouds of debris, loud roars and a rotating-funnel shaped cloud.

Have an Emergency Plan

Get an emergency plan together just in case a tornado does happen. Know where you’ll plan to find shelter, learn how to get your pet ready for severe weather, make sure you’re financially prepared and take advantage of government resources.

Know Your Insurance Coverage

If you live in Ohio, you’ll want to make sure your home is covered by any impending tornado damage. Talk to your insurance agent to see what coverage you currently have. If you need new home insurance before or after severe weather, get a free online quote from Superior Insurance Services.

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