2020 Superior Award Winners
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2020 Superior Award Winners

Apr 5, 2021, 09:59 AM by Kelsey Pohlman

Superior Credit Union is pleased to announce the 2020 Bruce Campbell and Dorothy Thompson Award winners.

Bruce Campbell Award Winner: Tracy Strous

Tracy Strous began his credit union career at Superior over 20 years ago. Initially as an employee for the CUNA Mutual Plan America Program, Tracy worked with our members offering financial planning, life insurance, and brokerage services. In 2003, CUNA Mutual discontinued the Plan America Program at Superior. Recognizing the member need and potential within the credit union, Tracy joined Superior in 2003 as an employee with the ambitious goal of creating a full-service wealth management division. With Tracy's vision, Superior's new wealth management division would begin a journey that would provide independent brokerage services and wealth management tools to members.
Creating  a new wealth management division would not be easy. With the Plan America Program, Tracy served approximately 150 members with $4 million dollars under management. Tracy's first mission was to find a new broker dealer willing to support a small book of business with limited management experience. Fortunately, a brokerage named Linsco Private Ledger (LPL) was entering the credit union space and gave Tracy and Superior Wealth Management a chance at creating a new business.
Being a new program, Tracy's initial role was to move his current clients to the new LPL platform.  Being a department of one (1), Tracy met with each member individually to ensure the transfer was done correctly and the paperwork was submitted timely. Meanwhile, Tracy needed to obtain a Series 24 license from the SEC to manage the brokerage which he successfully tested and passed.  Over the next 18 years, the wealth management division would take an unprecedented ride growing from $4 million dollars under management to over $200 million dollars today. In addition, the wealth management division would pave the way for trust services. in 2006, Jan von der Embse would join Superior providing trust services and add an additional $100 million in assets under management. Today, Superior Wealth Management manages over $300 million dollars helping over 3500 members with their investment, retirement, college savings, and financial planning.
Like Bruce Campbell, Tracy exemplifies the best in character and integrity. Also like Bruce, working at Superior was Tracy's second career. Tracy's first career was as a vocational agriculture teacher. With a strong work ethic and ability to teach, Tracy has helped numerous members reach their financial dreams. Please join me in congratulating Tracy Strous as the 2020 Bruce Campbell Award winner.

Dorothy Thompson Award Winner: Jamie Tenney

Jamie has a lifelong career helping members at Superior. Her credit union career began at Superior in September 1992 at Kibby Street. Throughout her career at Superior, Jamie excelled at every position including Receptionist, Member Service Representative, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Assistant, Electronic Services Coordinator, Project  Manager / EFT Lead, and Director of Data Services. Jamie is a loyal and dedicated employee who understands the importance of member service.
Jamie is the constant professional. She witnessed first hand the progression from paper to digital and technology's positive impact on delivering member service. Throughout her career, she strived to gain significant knowledge and understanding of Superior's data processing, accounting, operations, mobile, home banking, and delivery services. Jamie understands the importance of having a firm knowledge of the credit union member delivery systems. For Jamie, having a system work is not good enough. Jamie wants to know why and how the system works. By understanding the intricacies of each of the credit union programs, products, and services, Jamie's ability to provide overall support to members and staff becomes invaluable.
Much like Dorothy, Jamie is behind the scenes making sure everything works seamlessly. Staff and members know when they contact Jamie with a question about Symitar, Mahalo, card processing, or other operational issues, they will get a calm voice that will understand their issue, develop a solution, and fix their problem.  Her ability to comprehend complex programs and patiently explain their uses to members and staff is commendable.  
Over the past several years, Jamie has been an integral team member in our merger conversions. Each time, she stepped up to the challenge and helped everyone navigate the data conversion to Symitar. She always manages to reduce the conversion impact on the new members.
Making it happen behind the scenes defined Dorothy. The same holds true for Jamie who worked with Dorothy when she first started in 1992.  Please join me in congratulating Jamie Tenney as the 2020 Dorothy Thompson Award winner.

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