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Loan Staff - NMLS Identification Numbers

Pursuant to the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) of 2008, Superior Credit Union and all loan officers employed by Superior Credit Union are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Registry (NMLS Registry). A unique identifier (NMLS Number) has been assigned to the Credit Union and each loan officer.

You are encouraged to use the NMLS Identification Number(s) to conduct additional research within the NMLS Consumer Access website. NMLS Consumer Access is a free service for consumers which provides registration and licensing information for mortgage lending institutions and individual loan officers. 

Superior Credit Union
NMLS #746357


Last Name First Name MI NMLS #
Bair Neil S 747425
Beining Jeffrey A 747426
Biddle Kimberly A 1452183
Buettner Carol A 747428
Burgbacher Katie E 1448031
Colasanti Kimberly A 747429
Cowan Phillis P 1451366
Crespo JoAnn   774826
Crowe Adam P 1266425
Donley Wendy A 747431
Doxie John D 564479
Eiden Keith D 747432
Fackler Angela M 1587656
Frederick Melanie   1366546
Goedde Amy M 747447
Goedde Sarah L 1224541
Hance Peggy J 747435
Herrera Debbie S 747436
Hoyng Cheryl   1625758
Kallmeyer Julie   973851
Kantonen Andrew W 1448039
Kiesel Angela M 1452348
Kline Sarah J 1453146
Ladd Janine   891925
Lauber Kerri   1000364
Laudick Joseph A 747437
Lee Emily L 747438
Mann Linsey   1708581
Manns Matthew R 564300
Mathews Kathrine M 747440
Moening Aileen M 747442
Myers Jennifer A 1447928
Niehaus Robert   774830
Nix Gregory   1674187
Norbeck Kendra R 1389646
Reaman Alisha   747448
Reinhard Patricia A 1455288
Reinhart Leslie M 1451473
Robinson Jillian K 1147864
Salsbury Kimberly A 747449
Schumann Philip L 218066
Shaw Shelly A 1545236
Snyder Michelle R 221256
Stechschulte Mark R 747452
Stout Donald   774834
Taylor Holly R 747453
Trenkamp John P 1623602
Trigilio Narissa B 1600438
Vandemark Pamela M 650683
Vaske Jayne L 747454
Verhoff Troy M 454728
Weis Annette B 747456
Wieging Amanda L 747430
Williams Joyce L 747457




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