Outdoor Safety Month

By Dan Coder, Superior Insurance Services

Warmer weather is finally upon us, bringing the opportunity to get outside in the fresh air! While it’s fun to engage in outdoor activities, accidents do happen and it’s important to safeguard against outdoor hazards. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a safe spring and summer:

First and foremost, stay alert. It’s easy to become distracted during the commotion of a backyard gathering.

Avoid running on slick decks or cement surfaces around swimming pools. If you have a trampoline or playset, supervise activity. Make regular repairs when hardware rusts and wood needs attention.

Keep all outdoor chemicals and cleaning products capped, labeled and out of reach of children.

Make sure gas grills are clean and in good working order. Place fire pits and fire rings a safe distance away from your home, deck area, or any trees with low branches. Do not leave children unsupervised around an open flame. Never leave a fire unattended and have a fire extinguisher within reach.

Take care around lawn mowers and other power equipment. Do not allow children to ride as passengers on riding mowers. Pick up rocks, sticks, or anything that could fly off the blades. Turn the equipment off before working on it. Wear closed toed shoes and long pants while mowing.

Drowning can occur in as little as 2 inches of water. Make sure gates are locked around pool areas. Empty buckets, small flowerpots, and other containers where water can collect.

Know basic first aid techniques and CPR in case an accident does happen.

If accidents or injuries do occur on your property, your insurance agent can give you the details of your specific coverage. A typical homeowner policy may cover things you don’t realize and may not cover things you might think are included.

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