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Fraud alert – Suspicious Phone Calls, Texts, or Emails
Posted 4/21/2016

We have recently been notified that some members have received phone calls, texts, or emails that are suspicious in manner. The phone calls may even come up as “Superior” on your caller ID.


If you have any doubts about whether an email, phone call or text message is actually from Superior, please call us at 1-877-717-2271. We will help figure out if you’re dealing with a scam.

Don't reply to an email, phone call or text message that does these things:

  • Requires you to give your personal or account information either directly in the email or on a website the email sends you to; some attackers, for example, use pop-up windows on Web pages to ask for your confidential information
  • Threatens to close or suspend your account if you don’t take immediate action
  • Invites you to answer a survey that asks you to enter personal or account information
  • Tells you your account has been compromised, then asks you to give or confirm your personal or account information
  • Tells you there are unauthorized charges on your account, then asks you to give your personal or account information
  • Asks you to confirm, verify or update your account, credit card or billing information

Stay away from offers of money or prizes

You’re almost certainly dealing with a scam when you see an email or website that does these things:

  • Asks you to provide your account information because someone wants to send you money
  • Claims you have a refund coming to you
  • Says you’ve won a contest

Again, if you have any doubts about whether an email, phone call or text message is actually from Superior, please call us at 1-877-717-2271. We will help figure out if you’re dealing with a scam.




Debit/Credit Card Fraud - For your protection UPDATE
Posted January 15, 2015

We are taking a more direct approach to stem the fraud mentioned in the 1/13/15 post below. For an undetermined length of time, we will be requiring your 4-digit PIN to be used for most purchases made in Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and in the Columbus and Dayton area.   We can exempt your card if needed - please call 419-223-9746 to have this block removed. Please understand that this is a temporary block for your protection.
We will be requiring members to use their 4-digit PIN for debit card transactions in the following cases:
  1. For any transaction above $35.00 in Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Members will be prompted for a PIN and will not be able to complete a signature transaction.
  2. In the Ohio zip code areas beginning with 430,431,432,454 — a PIN will be required for transactions over $100.00.

Again, this is a temporary restriction. Member's cards can be excluded from the rules above on a case by case basis. 

Debit/Credit Card Fraud - For your protection
Posted January 13, 2015

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please watch your accounts for fraudulent activity (charges on your account that you did not authorize). We are currently seeing fraudulent activity out of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. You can help us mitigate losses by paying close attention to your accounts. Contact us immediately at 419-223-9746 or via secure chat from within Online Banking, if you notice any suspicious activity on your account.

Also, never answer email or phone requests to validate or activate your credit/debit cards. We will never send email or have computer generated systems call members for verification. 

Microsoft Releases Fix for Internet Explorer Security Flaw
Posted May 2, 2014

Microsoft has rolled out its fix for the Internet Explorer bug. Users with automatic updates won't have to do anything, but users who don't have automatic updates will need to manually apply the fix.

Internet Explorer Security Issues
Posted April 29, 2014

IE AlertMicrosoft has announced a flaw in their web browser Internet Explorer. This flaw could allow a hacker to access your username and password if you click on a malicious link. At this time Microsoft has seen very limited attacks. Until Microsoft fixes the flaw, we are recommending that that you use either Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. If you have any questions contact a service representative for more information. UPDATED ABOVE.

Microsoft No Longer Supporting Windows XP
Posted April 10, 2014

Windows XP AlertMicrosoft has discontinued support of Windows XP as of April 8, 2014.

What does this mean? Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Windows XP. Online Banking users who remain on Windows XP could be exposed to security vulnerabilities.

If you are currently using Windows XP, Microsoft recommends you upgrade to a supported operating system to ensure access to the latest security updates they provide. Learn more at


Credit and Debit Card Blocks

Superior Credit Union is committed to protecting our members and their private financial information. Due to higher-than-normal levels of fraudulent debit card activity, Superior is placing an indefinite hold on transactions originating in the states/countries listed below. IMPORTANT: If you are traveling to one of these areas (or if you are making a purchase from a company located in one of these areas), please call Member Services at 419.223.9746 to have the hold temporarily released. You can also log in to Online Banking, select the Secure Contact tab, and send us a message! We apologize for any inconvenience.

U.S.-based Transaction Blocks

Foreign Transaction Blocks
 foreign transactions over $200 will be blocked.

All transactions originating from the following countries, regardless of amount, will be blocked.

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