Digital Wallet

Why fumble with cash or cards in the grocery store line when you can pay with your smartphone?

Superior Credit Union now provides another convenient and secure way to make purchases. Link your debit or credit card information to the Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ application and receive the same great benefits that come with your card, plus the convenience of a digital wallet. With a digital wallet, you can pay for purchases online and in person from your smartphone. Convenient, easy, and secure, it’s a great compliment to your Superior Credit Union accounts.

With Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay, none of your personal or card information is stored on your device. In the event your device is misplaced or stolen you can use the “Find my Phone”or “Find My Device” feature to remotely lock, or even erase your phone before calling Superior to report the loss.

Using your digital wallet as payment is safe and secure, and is also backed by Visa’s Zero Liability policy. Superior Credit Union will continue to monitor your transactions to help detect any fraudulent activity.



After adding your Superior Visa card to your digital wallet you may get a notification at the end of the process to call our Member Service number 877-717-2271. Simply contact us to verify your info and you’ll be all set.



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